Tips for Coloring with Stampin’ Blends

  • Use Memento Black Ink to stamp your images when you plan to color them with Stampin’ Blends. Memento ink is water based and the Blends are alcohol based. If you use an alcohol based ink with the Blends, the colors will bleed. Let your image set for a minute or two before you being coloring.

NOTE: the rule of thumb to follow is – Water Based Ink with Alcohol Markers and Alcohol Inks (StazOn) with Water Based Markers. 


  • For best results use our Basic White Cardstock. It has a super smooth texture that works well for blending and coloring with our Stampin’ Blends.


  • There are two schools of thought when using Stampin’ Blends; color Light then Dark or Dark then Light. I personally prefer to color my images by giving it a quick go over with Light, then use the Dark to go over the areas I want to “shade.” I then go back over it with Light to “blend” together. I’ve found this technique gives me the smoothest shading. But by all means there is no right or wrong – play around and see what works best for you!


  • It’s best to color a small areas at at time, the colors blend together best before they are fully dry.


  • Color outside the lines? It’s an easy fix, you can pick the color back up using the Color Lifter. The Color Lifter is also great for “highlighting” areas after coloring them.


  • And finally, PRACTICE! Nobody gets it perfect the first time. Grab some scrap cardstock and play around to find what works best for you.